Walking into Watsons for the first time I had a couple of photos of rings that Rach had sent me, an hour of online research into diamonds, and a rough idea of what I wanted her ring to look like.

I couldn’t find anything quite right in Launceston for Rach, so I showed Dell and Neil at Watsons the pictures of what I was after and together we designed the ring I had in mind.

Picking up the ring was equally special, Josh opened up the box and I could hardly speak. It was so ridiculously sparkly, I think I remember just saying “Yep, well that’s perfection”. On the day, Rach and I went for lunch at the Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory before going for a walk out to Tamar Island. Right at the end of the jetty on the island I got down on one knee and before i could fully get out the words “Rachael will you marry me” she’d already taken the ring and announced “YES”. Going back into Watsons the other day was so much fun. Not only was Rachael’s ring sparkling even more-so under the white lights, but literally all the staff had gathered round to see the ring on her finger and our huge smiles. Rach said, “I couldn’t imagine the ring being any more perfect”. I’ve loved the process of buying the ring, I genuinely feel like Dell and Neil were emotionally invested in the success of our engagement, and it was special being able to go back into the store as a newly engaged couple.

Thank you Dell for the time you spent with me trying to capture my vision, and thank you also to the entire team at Watsons.


Caleb & Rachael